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Topia Inn is committed to providing our guests with the healthiest and most sustainable lodging experience that we can.  We believe that creating an ultra eco experience is an art and that with an artistic orientation the green aspects of the equation can make the experience even more luxurious.

We believe that it is more luxurious to sleep in an organic bed on organic sheets in an artist decorated room in a building free of environmental toxins knowing that your lodging experience is contributing to the sustainability of the planet than settle for the industry standard that actually slowly poisons you, interrupts your natural sleep cycles and contributes to a dirty and depleted planet.

Our organic and nontoxic commitment encompasses our beds, linens, breakfast, bath and bodycare products, the building materials that include paints, stains, sealers, insulation, caulk, grout and more; our furnishings, and our operations so that there is nothing coming in to the inn or leaving the inn that is toxic.  In addition to our water saving measures like dual-flush toilets, rain barrels and a rain garden, we are secure in knowing that our laundry detergent and other cleaning products are nontoxic and none of the bath and bodycare products will add any pollutants to the water coming from the Inn.  We have made a herculean effort to make sure that the furnishings coming into the Inn are all natural, biodegradable or recyclable, do not off gas anything hazardous and will compost should they eventually be discarded.  Our buying policy favors recycled, rapidly renewable and natural, compostable, recyclable materials.  We will not contribute to the pollution of our planet.

We are also committed to sustainability in terms of power consumption with solar electric and biofuel for heat and hot water.  Our HVAC systems and appliances are Energy Star and ultra efficient.  We invested in excellent insulation and windows so that the energy we do use is maximized.  Our lighting is all LED except for a few accent lights.  We favor human power for mowing the lawn and beating eggs.

We are proud to be part of a network of green businesses so that when we buy food and other products we support the local farmer as often as possible, organic growing methods, Fair Trade, nontoxic material and products, recycling, ultra efficiency and a system of doing business that considers itself part of an ecosystem that attends to balance and ethics.