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Our Green Commitment



Organic and Nontoxic

USDA-certified organic Fair Trade coffee and tea
Local whenever possible

Organic OMI and Royalpedic beds
Organic and Fair Trade luxury Coyuchi sheets and towels
Organic Earthweave carpet on stairs
Pure New Zealand wool entry carpet sculpture by Hansine Pedersen Goran of Current Carpets
Organic, natural, rapidly renewable, compostable fiber bedding, curtains, rugs of silk, cotton, flax, linen, wool

Local Daimer steam vapor cleaner for sanitization
UVC bed vac by Verilux
UVC HEPA air filtration with whole house refresh every hour
Nontoxic laundry detergents ~ Seventh Generation Free & Clear, BioPac
Nontoxic dish washing soap ~ Seventh Generation Free & Clear
Organic vinegar for polishing
HEPA filtered vacuum
Reusable microfiber polishing cloths
Hemp, walnut fiber and loofah sponges and scrubbers

IPM Pest-Prevention
No toxic chemicals
Prevention with no food in guest rooms and ultra frequent and thorough living room and kitchen cleaning schedule
UVC beds and steam vapor sanitization for bathrooms
Steam wash for sheets and towels
Mint and sonic deterrents as well as physical barriers for rodent prevention
Cayenne outside before path toward house for ant prevention


Renewable, Recycled, Sustainable

FSC-certified wood flooring from local Mass Woodlands Cooperative and Ecotimber

80% Post consumer waste recycled bath tissue, facial tissue and napkins
80% Post consumer waste recycled office paper or FSC-certified

Photovoltaic supplies over 50% ~ policy of electric usage for cleaning and cooking during solar hours
100% biofuel (for 5 years uninterrupted and currently) ~ experiencing some supply problems in winter and with expiration of energy credits
Plan for addition of solar hot water by 2015 to reduce need for biofuel if 100% not available
Human power for mowing lawn, cooking, radio battery and flashlight

Recycled plastic Stabiligrid pervious paver filled with organic soil and native wildflower seeds from

Recycled glass IceStone
Or recyclable glass and metal vanities

Recycled glass


Ultra Efficiency

LED throughout Inn for all but a few accent lights and a few CFL in basement

Insulation and Windows

Dual flush Toto

Energy Star Appliances
Washing machine
Steam Oven