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Massage and Wellness

Due to the pandemic we are suspending our massage services.  

Guests can request a massage and treatments at Topia Inn in advance and sometimes during their stay.
60 min $ 100    
90 Minutes $ 150
Acupressure with Tuning Forks.  It is a well known fact that musical vibrations help clear blockages. Tuning forks are placed on Meridian points to help restore the flow of energy through the organs of the body.  
One session $100
Colorpedagoscope (Colored Glasses) are 8 plates colored with pigments of flowers that are helpful in balancing energies when viewed in successive order. 
One session $75
LiquidBody Movement Massage with Caryn Heilman takes you on a deeply relaxing guided breath, sound and movement journey that follows the fluidly formed structure of your body to catalyze a deep release of tension.  Extremely gentle rocking and wave motion nurtures and feeds your body with increased circulation, and feeds your brain with more mind/body awareness, expanded neuromuscular pathways, deep relaxation and invigorated creative potential.
One hour session $90
Didgeridoo Spinal Massage with Nana Simopoulos.  A 3 minute sound massage along the spine with the sound of the didgeridoo.  Free