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Earth Pulse Therapy

Pulsed electromagnetic fields are pulsing moving energy.  Earth Pulse sleep machine is a magnet that emits frequencies that simulate the magnetic pulse of the earth’s frequencies. This type of therapy is used to reduce swelling, relieve chronic pain and arthritis, as well as improve range of motion and sleep. “The pulsed electromagnet affects the nerve cells.  Nerve cells are electrical cells and the magnetic fields can affect how the nerves fire and quiet them down and increase circulation in the area and aid the healing.” – James Dillard, MD
The cells in your body constantly draw energy from the brain and the Earth’s electromagnetic field in an effort to achieve what is called “magnetic resonance.” Magnetic resonance occurs when the magnetic frequency in your brain matches a harmonic of the frequencies of the other organs and body tissues. This normally occurs for only brief periods during sleep. During these periods, your body’s ability to heal and repair itself, create enzymes, and boost immunity is enhanced. Other vital functions related to magnetic resonance are being discovered almost daily by those working in the emerging field of quantum medicine. (Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 00;97;6242) (FASEB J 92;(abstract 2433) (Sci Week 00;Vol4(32))
– Dr. David Williams, Alternatives, March 2004.
90 minute session $75
Overnight session $150