COVID Response at Topia Inn

Indoor Air Quality

The air at Topia Inn is HEPA filtered and treated with UV and refreshed every hour. This is the highest level of filtration.   Downstairs we add regular ozone sanitizations to the Living Room and entry hall daily. Each room is ozoned after checkout. The Living Room also features an Austin Air Healthmate Junior+ portable air filter for extra protection not only from the possibility of virus particles, but also from pollen, chemical fragrance residue and anything else that might get tracked in.

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Nontoxic Cleaning and Sanitization

Topia Inn is operated with the highest indoor air quality as well as highest level of sanitization in mind.  We have spared no expense in purchasing and developing healthy-for-humans systems that deeply clean and kill pathogens, eliminate the possibility of pests, cross-contamination and toxicity.  You won’t find a healthier indoor environment.  We sanitize our bathrooms with steam vapor.  The combination of the high temperature of steam coupled with the pressure wand delivery provides hospital-grade sanitization.  We treat the beds with a UV-C vacuum between stays.  We additionally scrub surfaces with Dr. Bronner unscented foaming soap and polish glass with a vinegar spray and polishing cloths that are then steam laundered.  Our bedrooms are HEPA vacuumed at least twice between each stay.  Staff wears masks at all times while at the Inn.  Hospital-grade Briotech HOCl spray is also available to guests and used by staff for surfaces, hand sanitization and can even be sprayed in the eyes.  It is expensive, but much more versatile and friendly to the body than cheaper more common alcohols, chlorine and toxic over the counter disinfectants.

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Physical Distancing Choreography

We are committed to limiting occupancy to 50%. All guests are asked to wear masks in hallways and in the Living Room when not enjoying a meal or a cup of tea. Breakfast times are scheduled and seating is 6ft apart in the living room, north and south porch seating areas. We have two staircases that will assist in maintaining distance should two parties find themselves moving about the Inn at the same time. In addition to the north and south porch seating immediately outside the Living Room, we have created additional outdoor seating areas to enjoy tea and a meal on the property, The Ashuwillticook Rail Trail immediately outside our back gate, offers more picnic areas within a 2-5 minute walk in either direction. Our check ins are also scheduled so there is no bottleneck at the Main Side Entrance. Hand sanitizer and Sanitizing Foot Spray is available at the entry after shoes are left at the door further eliminating the potential of tracking in virus droplets or other toxins. Sanitized slippers and steam laundered socks are available for guests to wear indoors during their stay. We have converted our check ins to virtual to further eliminate risk of in-person proximity and to allow for a larger window of time to avoid overlaps.
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