21 Day Cleanse

Topia inn offers a 21 day cleanse which will rejuvenate and invigorate you allowing you to break old eating habits and easily replacing them with new, healthier ones.  Renee Tassone has led hundreds of people through this 21 day cleanse program that she customizes according to their individual health issues and goals. The program is done strictly by diet.  Guests can reserve a time in advance for a consultation during which specific food intolerances may be identified by applied kinesiology or more commonly known as muscle strength testing.
The first few days are typically when the body releases most of the toxins it has accumulated.  After this initial phase, people generally experience an increase in energy, clarity and an improvement in sleep throughout the 21 day cleanse.  At the end of the cleanse old habits have been broken and people are able to continue eating in a healthier manner. 
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